Request a Presentation, Program or Workshop from The Office of Career & Professional Development

We are available to present general career workshops for student groups, classes and organizations. To request a workshop for your group, please complete the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly to coordinate your event.

Please submit your request 2-3 weeks in advance of your event.

Standard Topics Include:

Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Behavioral Interviewing, Internship and Job Search Strategies, LinkedIn, Networking, Career Fair Preparation and the Gies Professional Pathway.

Custom Program

Want to offer a custom program?  Let us know and we'll work with your group to meet your needs!

Creating a Powerful Resume

Learn effective strategies to create a powerful resume.   During this workshop, attendees will learn about the Gies Resume SORR Technique--an effective method to create a resume that reflects your skills, knowledge and fit!

Cover Letters

Are cover letters really required?   Learn the answer to this and other strategies to share your personal brand in writing.  In this session, you'll learn tips and strategies to writing a cover letter that gets you noticed by employers.

The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an indispensable but often underused social network. Let's unleash its power and start optimizing your presence here. As a result, you'll build your brand, advance your career, and even build great connections!


The first step in learning how to network effectively is to stop thinking of it as networking and as relationship building. When you build relationships the right way, you an find new opportunities and more. In this workshop, learn when and how to network as well as modern best practices to find success both online and offline. You'll find many of these strategies hone in on tactics for stronger relationships in general, no matter where you meet them.

Behavioral Interviews

At a time when more and more employers are hiring for "fit" and training for skill, the interview is more important than ever. Sure interviewers want to know you can do the work, but they're also looking to see how you communicate, package your experience, tell your story, if you'll work well with their team, if your values match the company, and more. In this workshop, you will learn how to impress in an interview.

Job Search Strategy

This workshop teaches strategies that will help you take control of and speed up your job search.  You will also learn about additional resources that will help you succeed in finding employment.

Gies Professional Pathway

Across all industries, employers are identifying soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership as critical skills for job hunters and employees alike. As a Gies student, you are developing these skills through classes and activities.  During this workshop, you'll dive into the list of most-desired skills and learn how to effectively communicate your skills to employers.