Career Services

Thursday, September 17th: Full-Time Career Fair (10am-4pm)

Friday, September 18th: Internship Career Fair (10am-4pm)

During the virtual career fair, you will be able to speak with and interact with company representatives through both chat rooms and video chat. Employers will also be able to share company information within the "employer booths'.

6 Steps to Career Fair Preparation

Step 1: Register for the Career Fair Event you plan to attend

Step 2: Create your career fair profile on the Career Eco platform, learn about it here and read FAQ here.

Step 3: Identify employers and jobs that you are interested in using the Career Fair Worksheet

Step 4: Update and have your resume reviewed by BCS

Step 6: Follow up with the recruiters that you met (details below!)

CareerEco Tutorials and Resources

(Career Fair Platform)

Watch the CareerEco Platform tutorial here.

Read the PDF Tutorial here.

Check out the Mobile Tutorial here.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Virtual Career Fair Resources

  1. 1

    Before you attend make sure to review The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Career Fairs!

  2. 2

    Do your company research prior to the fair and complete a Career Fair Preparation Worksheet

  3. 3

    Utilize the SORR Resume Method to create your most powerful resume yet!

  4. 3

    Learn about the Career Eco virtual fair platform, review the FAQ.

  5. 5

  6. 6

    Read on for what to do AFTER the fair!

Follow up after the Fair—Here’s Your “Must Do” list

1. Send a thank you note to the recruiter’s email address.

Follow-up promptly after the career fair, to thank the employers for their time and to remind them of your application.

Craft a professional and intentional message. College recruiters can be at multiple career fairs at multiple campuses each month – help them place where they met you. Remind them of the fair at which you interacted with them, mention specific topics from your conversation, and reiterate your interest in specific positions and opportunities. And thank them for their time and consideration of your application. Don’t forget to attach your résumé (you know, for their convenience!).

It’s been a week and I didn’t receive a response, now what?

Don’t worry, these folks are busy! Checking in 10-14 days with a follow-up message is an appropriate interval. The goal is to be enthusiastic – but not irritating.

2. Connect with all Recruiters that you met on LinkedIn

Before doing so,  make sure your LinkedIn profile a) exists and b) is up to date. Then use your LinkedIn account to follow companies of interest, connect with recruiters you spoke with, and get a sense of companies’ culture and opportunities.

3. Be Proactive

What else can I do?

While career fairs are a great place to make a connection, they’re often just one piece of a successful job or internship search strategy. Looking for next steps after the fair?  Use the myriad of other resources available to you to assist in making great connections with employers such as Handshake @ Illinois,  upcoming company events and BCS workshops.   Most importantly, work your network.   Reach out to alumni in your targeted companies, conduct informational interviews and connect!

Cheat Sheet
  • Send a Thank you Note
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Be proactive
Sample Thank You Note

Hello,  Thank you so much for speaking with me at the Gies Virtual Career Fair on Sept. 17th.  I enjoyed learning more about POSITION at your COMPANY.   As we discussed, I have (list relevant experience or qualities here).  I have submitted my application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sample Follow Up Email

Hi Recruiter Name, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to follow up and ensure that you received my email message sent on DATE. After speaking with you at the Gies Virtual Fair, I am very interested in POSITION. I look forward to speaking with you about the opportunities at COMPANY. Thanks!

Sample LinkedIn Request

Hello! It was great meeting you at the Gies Virtual Career Fair today.  Thanks for answering my questions about POSITION NAME.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.