Career Services


The Management program, with concentrations in general management, international business, and entrepreneurship, is designed to prepare students to be leaders and innovators in analyzing and solving managerial problems that every organization faces in its day-to-day operations. To be effective, managers must be able to design organizations that can compete in complex and volatile business environments. Effective managers also must be ethical leaders and competent decision-makers who recognize opportunities, set goals, build effective teams, and motivate their employees. Managers must be ready for changing business environments (regionally, nationally or internationally) and be comfortable with different location and employee perspectives.

General Management

Professionals in this field oversee the day-to-day operations of goods, services, and employees. Managers are in charge of executing company goals. Most new hires will enter into a management training program that will last between 18-36 months.

Human Resources

Human Resources professionals ensure that an organization makes effective use of its human capital. This means hiring people who fit the organization’s business strategies, making sure the administrative systems are running at maximum efficiency, helping employees overcome obstacles, and serving as persuasive change agents when new practices, structures, or cultures are needed.


Consultants perform database analysis, financial modeling, general business analysis, research, and generate reports for the client or project team. In addition, consultants are actively involved in the application and transfer of specific skills and knowledge to the client.