Career Services

Interview Preparation

Do Your Research and Practice

Practice Interviews with Career Services Advisors

Be sure to schedule a live or virtual practice interview appointment with a Career Services advisor. Gies Business Students can also stop by the Career Services suite for a drop-in appointment with a Peer Career Coach 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Wednesday.

Virtual Interview Practice

In addition to in-person interview practice, Gies Business students also have access to Big Interview, a platform that provides recorded interview practice tools that will help you to hone your interviewing skills and become more comfortable with the recorded interview process.


Research the Organization

This will help you understand the products, services, and client base of the organization and make you stand out as a candidate


Prepare and Practice Responses

Sign up for an in-person or virtual practice interview with Career Services



Sit up straight, smile, establish eye contact, use a firm handshake, and listen attentively


Review the Job Requirements

Be prepared to highlight how your skills and experiences make you uniquely qualified to join the team


Plan what to bring

Make sure you have copies of your resume and a professional binder and pen to take notes


Follow Up

Come with a list of prepared questions. Be sure to send thank you emails after your interview.