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Career Fair Preparation

Virtual Career Fair Preparation

Are you planning to attend a Virtual Career Fair to find a job or internship?  Before you attend make sure to review The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Career Fairs!

  • Research Companies and Industries

    Investigate which employers are expected to attend the Career Fair (companies register on Handshake) and plan on targeting specific companies. Create a list of companies you want to see and learn about these companies ahead of time. Gather information such as the company’s products, competitors, location(s), public vs. private, and industry growth rate. Know what positions the company has posted on the Handshake Job Board. Note your questions, to ask when meeting recruiters. Recruiters are more likely to follow-up with job seekers who know key information about their company and the positions being offered and demonstrate genuine interest.

  • Perfect Your Resume and Submit it to Employers Online

    Have your resume critiqued and proofed several times. Bring plenty of copies of your resume to the Career Fair, keeping them in a nice portfolio until ready to hand out.High quality resume paper is not required for the career fair. Many employers actually prefer to have electronic versions of your resume, so make sure you have claimed, updated, and made your Handshake account public so recruiters can easily obtain copies of your resume.

  • Practice Your 30-Second Pitch

    Before the event, rehearse a 30-second self-promotion pitch that summarizes who you are, demonstrates that you know something about the company, the work they do and why you’re interested and qualified for an open position. Practice your pitch so that you can present it clearly and confidently.

  • Dress Professionally

    Recruiters expect students to wear professional apparel. Invest in a professional suit or coordinating skirt and blazer for women. If you have a jacket or backpack, check them at the coat check. It will be cumbersome to carry these items through the Fair.