Useful Links

This page has important links for undergraduate Gies College of Business students.


Academic Resources

Sample Schedules - sorted by the date you began school

Connect2Business - schedule appointments with professional academic advisor

Overload/Underload - Overload: More than 18 credit hours Underload: less than 12 credit hours

Major Declaration - Gies business major declaration form

Add Minor - General add minor form

Add/drop course form - after ten days of the semester you need this form to change classes

Data Pages:

Grade disparity between sections

Gen eds by GPA

GPA of every course

Study Abroad Links

Study Abroad Website General - all information surrounding study abroad

Study Abroad Link Gies Business Specific - all information surrounding study abroad for Gies students exclusively

Course approval - Use this website to to determine if courses abroad can earn credit for courses at UIUC

Study Abroad Blog Posts from Students - The website page consists of various blog posts from students at UIUC that have studied abroad.

Other/Misc. Links

Self Service - Register for classes, obtain official transcript/student records, tuition/financial aid info etc)

DARS Audit - Unofficial transcript and progress report aka check what classes you’ve signed up for, requirements that you still need to fulfill

Course Explorer - Search for classes, get info about classes, and look up potential gen eds that you might be interested in taking

UIUC RSO / CLUBS - Quad day is often where you sign up for various RSO’s, but for more information use website

Council of Presidents - association of many business school student organizations

Handshake - Handshake is a career services platform where Illinois students can connect with employers and find job opportunities.