Spring 2021 Credit/No Credit Policy

Please Note: If you are a senior that graduated in May 2021, please fill out this form ASAP before the June 4th deadline.

For Spring 2021, Credit/No Credit will not be an option. It has been replaced with Pass COVID/No Pass COVID. You can view the entire policy on the Provost web page.

Gies hosted a Town Hall where we reviewed these policies and important things to think about when making these decisions. You can follow this link to watch the recorded version of the Town Hall.
We had representatives from ACCY, Graduate Admissions, Business Career Services, and Academic Affairs answer questions from students.

A few things to note about this policy:

  • PZ (Pass COVID) and NZ (No Pass COVID) do not factor into students' grade point averages
  • For students that have selected PZ/NZ, a grade of D- or higher will be automoatically converted to PZ, a failing grade is automatically converted to NZ
  • Courses using the PZ/NZ grade mode that results in a PZ will fulfill major, minor, and Genreal Education requirements
  • Students on Academic Probation are permitted to select courses for PZ/NZ grading
  • Any student that selected CR/NC before the option was taken away will be put back on standard letter grading and will need to complete the PZ/NZ grading request if they wish to utlize the grading mode
  • The standard PZ/NZ form will be made live after final grades are available in self service and the deadline to select this option is Thursday, May 27th, 2021 11:59 PM CST.

Policy Details for Fall 2019 & Summer 2021 and beyond

The Credit/No Credit Grading Option (CR/NC) offers Gies College of Business students the opportunity to complete an Elective course for ungraded credit. An Elective course does not fulfill University requirements, General Education, Business Core, or Major or Minor requirements. Students must petition the College to be permitted to change a graded Elective course to the CR/NC option or to change CR/NC back to a Letter Grade. The CR/NC Petition must be approved before this grading option is permitted. Below is a specific list of restrictions that must be met to elect the CR/NC option.

How do I request a course be changed to Credit/No Credit?

Complete the Credit/No Credit Option form. You will be notified only if your request is denied.

What are the deadlines for a Credit/No Credit request and to change Credit/No Credit back to a letter grade?

Full Semester Course: The deadline to request these options is the 8th week of the semester.

1st 8 Week Semester Course: Generally, the deadline to request CR/NC option for a course occurs at the end of the 4th week of full semester classes. Check with the Academic Calendar to confirm the last day to request CR/NC or to change back to a Letter Grade for a 1st 8 Week Semester course.

2nd 8 Week Semester Course: Students electing CR/NC option or to change from CR/NC back to a Letter Grade for a 2nd 8 Week course will need to submit a written request. CR/NC forms are available here. Generally, the deadline to submit a CR/NC request for a 2nd 8 Week Semester course occurs at the end of the 12th week of Full Semester classes.

If you were unable to submit your request before the deadline, you must complete the Late Credit/No Credit Petition. Click here to be directed to the form.

What are the restrictions?

  • Business students must be in Good Academic Standing to request this option.
  • Students on Probation may not elect this option.
  • A maximum of 18 credit hours using this grade mode may be applied toward degree hours.
  • A maximum of 2 courses per semester are allowed as CR/NC for Full-Time Students.
  • Summer Session students may elect only one course under the CR/NC option.
  • A letter grade of “C-” or higher is needed to earn CR and credit hours. A letter grade of “D+” or lower is converted to NC that does not earn credit hours.

Instructors are not informed of those students in their courses who are taking coursework under the CR/NC option and they will report the usual final letter grades at the end of the course. The final grades are automatically converted to either CR or NC.

CR/NC courses are not counted toward the cumulative and semester GPAs, but are included as part of the total credit hours.

  • Only elective courses may be taken using this option.

University requirements, General Education, Business Core, or Major or Minor requirements coursework must be taken for a letter grade.

All Accountancy and Finance courses must be taken for a letter grade, including elective Accountancy and Finance courses that are not required for graduation.

Important to note when considering the CR/NC option:

  • Employers prefer any business coursework to be completed as graded credit rather than a CR.
  • Many Graduate and Professional schools will calculate Admission GPA based on the last sixty hours of undergraduate work and assign a low grade value to CR courses. They may also convert a NC into a failing grade since they do not know whether the actual grade was a “D” or “F”.
  • Student Athletes electing the CR/NC option need to exercise caution if they are to satisfy Big Ten and NCAA academic regulations. Please check with your Athletic Counselor before electing CR/NC.
  • Seniors: any courses awarded NC (a grade of “D+” or lower) will NOT be counted towards the 124 Hour Graduation requirement and can delay your graduation until the hour requirement is fulfilled.

Academic Policy Modification for Spring 2020

The Credit/No Credit election period for Spring 2020 ended at 11:59pm on May 6, 2020. Students seeking the Credit/No Credit election after this deadline can submit a Late Credit/No Credit Petition by 11:59pm on Friday, July 3, 2020.

Students may elect credit/no credit (CR/NC) grading option for full semester and second eight-week courses by May 6, 2020. Courses taken with CR/NC may be used to fulfill general education, Business core, major, and minor requirements for Spring 2020 only. A letter grade of “C-” or higher is needed to earn CR and credit hours. A letter grade of “D+” or lower is converted to NC that does not earn credit hours.

Students can confirm credit/no credit grading was processed through their Self-Service portal. After logging in, follow these steps to check the status of the course: Registration and Records > Classic Registration > Spring 2020 > Student Schedule - Detail > Grade Mode. Students will only be notified with an email if their request is denied.

More information can be found HERE at the Office of the Provost web page.