Curricular Practical Training (CPT for Gies International Students)

The Office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) provides all information regarding the CPT application process on their website here. Please review the ISSS website regarding the CPT application process before pursuing your enrollment in an approved CPT course. International students with certain visas must apply for a CPT for all paid or unpaid internships in the U.S. and be enrolled in a CPT eligible course.

Gies College of Business Course Options

Students must already have an offer letter and position description prior to requesting their permission to enroll in the below Gies Business courses.

The Gies College of Business does not award undergraduate academic credit for internship or work experience. However, for international students who require course registration to be CPT eligible, the college provides two options.

1. ACCY 290 is a 0 credit hour course which requires instructor permission to enroll. Enrollment is limited to degree seeking accounting majors (graduate or undergraduate) with a full-time, off campus, accounting related internship. Read about Accy 290 enrollment here and after doing so follow up with Julie Shapland as indicated. Accountancy majors pursuing non-accountancy positions or with part-time employment should take BUS 299.

2. BUS 299 for other business-related internships/jobs, complete form below to request enrollment in BUS 299, a 0-credit hour course, which requires instructor permission to enroll. The BUS 299 course enrollment instructions and course requirements are described on the BUS 299 enrollment form. Contact Jeff Headtke regarding BUS 299 course enrollment questions.


  • These courses are graded on a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) basis. The S and U grades will not count in your GPA. The courses do not meet business major requirements and do count towards your overall hours for your graduation.
  • Academic requirement details will be provided via email upon your enrollment in the course.
  • You must successfully register and pass the course, otherwise you will have issues with your visa status. Students who receive an incomplete grade will be unable to graduate until the situation is resolved.


There are tuition and fees charged for both 0-credit hour courses. Undergraduate students will pay $200 of tuition as well as the University’s general fee. Graduate Students will pay full graduate tuition plus fees.

Costs and information regarding tuition charges and drop dates should be reviewed on the Office of the Registrar list of tuition and fee rates.