Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

What courses do I need in order to graduate?

Check your uAchieve/degree audit, more commonly known as DARS through the Office of the Registrar's website every semester. This audit is updated daily, so it includes all information as of the day before. Your uAchieve/DARS offers a detailed breakdown of which degree requirements you’ve met and which courses you took to meet them. It also shows which requirements you still need to meet and, where appropriate, which courses you must take to meet them.

*Note: DARS will only display one major at a time. If you are pursuing two majors, you must run a second report for your declared major. When running the second major report be sure to select YOUR catalog year (the semester and year you began college). If you are pursuing a  MINOR, the minor will ONLY display in your primary major at the bottom of the report.

How do I generate my Degree Audit (DARS)?

1. Go to the Office of the Registrar's website:

2. In the "Generate an Audit" section, click on the hyperlinked phrase "Degree Audit System"

3. Sign in with your Illinois NetId and password

4. Select "Request Audit"

5. Select "Run Declared Programs"

6. Select "View Audit"

7. Once you're in your audit, select "Open All Sections". Your DARS will show your degree progress in the following order: General Education, Business Core, Major (if declared), and total credit hours earned.

Why isn't my second major on my DARS?

Your DARS will only run one major at a time.  You will need to run a separate DARS to view requirements for your second major....

1.  Complete steps 1 through 3 above.

2.  Choose "Select a Different Program."

3.  From the School drop-down menu, select "BUS."

4.  Choose your second major under Program.

5.  From Catalog Year, select the year you entered the University of Illinois.  For example, if your first semester at Illinois was Fall 2021, then you will ALWAYS select Fall 2021.

6.  Select "Run a Different Program."