Register for Courses

Where/how can I register for courses?

Students register for courses in the Enterprise/Self-Service system, which can be found at: or through the Course Explorer homepage

  • Log in
  • Click ‘Registration and Records’
  • Click ‘Enhanced Registration’
  • Use the ‘Prepare for Registration’ page to view your time ticket. A time ticket is the day and time an individual student is assigned for registration. A general outline of time tickets is found on the Registrar's Website.
  • Use the ‘Plan Ahead’ to create draft schedules, which makes it easier to register later on
  • Click ‘Register for Classes’ when your day and time to register comes!

How to Register Using Enhanced Registration

You are able to register on your own using Student Self-Service. Select the Urbana-Champaign Campus.  Log in using your NetID and Password

Step 1

  • Select "Registration and Records"
  • Select "Enhanced Registration". This will open a new window.
  • Select "Register for Classes"
  • Select "Fall 2021 - Urbana - Champaign" and click "Continue". Read the statement and click Agree.

Step 2

  • On the main screen, you can search for classes using the subject box
  • To search for a class, you will:
    • Type the course subject (Economics, Computer Science)
    • Type in the course number (102, 105, 101)
    • Leave course title BLANK
    • Click the Advanced Search Link and scroll down until you see the box for "Open Sections Only." Check this box and click "search..."

Step 3

  • Once you have added a course, and it is listed in your "Summary" box, make sure to click "submit" before adding the next course
  • Once the course turns GREEN and says "Registered," you are officially registered in the course
  • If you receive an error, please review the common error messages below.

For more detailed instructions on how to register, visit the Registration Procedures Webpage

Common Error Messages

Class, Program/Major, College, Department, Attribute, Concentration:  Contact an advisor to see if/when the restrictions will lift/if you are eligible for the course you are attempting to register for.

Co-requisite, Link:  You need to register for the co-requisite or linked course. Example: If you need a lecture and discussion section of Econ 102, you need to add both courses at the same time. Both sections will start with the same letter.

Maximum hours exceeded, Time conflict:  You have attempted to register for more credit hours than you are allowed to, or there is a time conflict. Revisit your schedule to see what course might be conflicting, and try to find a different section of the same course.

Learn more about Registration Errors