Nine-Semester Limit on Enrollment

Each student is assigned an Expected Graduation Date (EGD), which represents the last semester for which they are authorized to register. Students in the Gies College of Business are accorded a maximum of 9 semesters of eligibility for enrollment for completion of degree.

  • The 9 semesters include enrollment in all post-secondary institutions attended, not just enrollment at UIUC.
  • Part-time enrollment (at UIUC or other post-secondary institution) does not count toward the semester limit.
  • Earning placement credit only in a semester does not count toward the semester limit.

Extensions of Enrollment Eligibility. Students may request approval for extended enrollment by completing the 10th semester petition form. An extension beyond 9 semesters requires creating a plan with an academic advisor and is at the Assistant Dean's discretion. Extensions are not granted for the purpose of completing a minor, a second major, CPA eligibility hours, or pursuing a second baccalaureate degree.