Department of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SIE)

The Degree Audit Report (DARS) provides the official requirements for all majors and minors. Select the correct catalog year, which is the year you started at UIUC.

While degree plans are intended to provide you with accurate information, the final responsibility for knowing and completing degree requirements is your responsibility. Course offerings and enrollment restrictions should be confirmed with your Degree Audit Report (DARS) and the Course Explorer.

SIE Planning Form (Fall 2023 entry)

SIE Planning Form (Fall 2022 entry)

SIE Degree Requirements for students entering UIUC in Fall 2022

Course Code Title Hours
BADM 341

BADM 346

BADM 367

BADM 446
Foundations of Strategic Management

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Management of Innovation & Technology (Fall only; Same as TMGT 367...Technology and Management students must register for the TMGT section - Contact

Entrepreneurship:  New Venture Creation (Prerequisite:  BADM 346)



Total of 5 Electives:
Skill Building Electives - select at least three of the following:
BADM 311

BADM 312

BADM 313

BADM 314

BADM 322

BADM 323

BADM 329
Leading Individuals and Teams (Prerequisite:  BADM 310)

Designing and Managing Orgs (Prerequisite:  BADM 310)

Strategic Human Resource Management (Prerequisite:  BADM 310)

Leading Negotiations

Marketing Research (Prerequisite: BADM 320)

Marketing Communications (Prerequisite:  BADM 320)

New Product Development (Prerequisite:  BADM 320)
BADM 335

BADM 350

BADM 351

BADM 353
Supply Chain Management Basics

IT for Networked Organizations

Social Media Strategy

Info Sys Analysis and Design
BADM 359

BADM 360

BADM 366

BADM 375

BADM  377

BADM 383

BADM 395

BADM 420

BADM 447

FIN 423

FIN 424

FIN 425

FIN 433

FIN 464

DTX 251

DTX 455
Business Problem Formulation & Solution

Digital Marketing

Product Design & Development (Spring only; Same as TMGT 366 - Prerequisite:  Admission to Technology & Management Program)

Operations Strategy

Project Management

Topics in International Business (Prerequisite:  BADM 380; Check Course Explorer for terms and topics offered)

Special Topics (Section TBD)

Advanced Marketing Management (Prerequisite: BADM 320)

Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship (4 credit hours)

Entrepreneurial Finances (Prerequisite:  FIN 300 or consent of instructor)

Mergers & Acquisition (Fall only; Prerequisite: FIN 321)

Private Equity/Venture Capital (Fall only; Prerequisite: FIN 321)

Corporate Risk Management (Prerequisites:  FIN 221, FIN 431, and FIN 434)

Applied Financial Analysis (Prerequisite:  ACCY 201.  Priority given to Finance majors)

Introduction to Design Thinking

Design for Social Impact (Fall only; Prerequisites:  DTX 210, DTX 251  or permission by instructor)

Experiential Electives - 0 - 2 courses

BADM 331 Making Things (Additional fees may apply)
BADM 357 Digital making Seminar (Spring only; Additional fees may apply)
BADM 420 Advanced Marketing Management (Prerequisite:  BADM 320)
BADM 445 Small Business Consulting (4 credit hours)
BADM 463 iVenture Accelerator Seminar I:  Topics in Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite: Admission to the iVenture Accelerator program)
BADM 464 iVenture Accelerator Seminar II: Topics in Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite: Admission to the iVenture Accelerator program)
SOCW 321 Social Entre & Social Change
SOCW 375 Social Enterprise Lab (Last offered Spring 2021)
FIN 422 Cases in Corporate Finance (Prerequisite:  FIN 300 & FIN 321)
FIN 490 (Prerequisite:  FIN 300 or consent of instructor; Section TBD)