Minor Declaration, Modification, and Cancellation

Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program at Illinois are not required to complete a minor for degree certification. However, many find this a desirable opportunity to study a subject matter of additional interest to their major field of study. To officially pursue a minor on this campus, students must be aware of the information and follow the procedures outlined on the Office of the Provost "How to Declare a Minor" website.

Minor Declaration

The Minor Declaration form can be found HERE.  More information on declaring minors can be found on the Provosts website.

Minor Modification

Minor modifications (ex. Minor course substitutions) should be made in consultation with the Minor Advisor.  The Minor Advisor will complete the online Minor Modification form.

Minor Cancellation

To cancel a declared Minor and remove it from  your record, please complete the necessary form HERE.

Where can I find Campus-Approved Minors?

A list of undergraduate minors is included in the Academic Catalog.