Minor Declaration, Modification, and Cancellation

Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program at Illinois are not required to complete a minor for degree certification. However, many find this a desirable opportunity to study at some depth in a subject matter of additional interest to their major field of study. To officially pursue a minor on this campus, students must be aware of the information and follow the procedures outlined on the Office of the Provost "How to Declare a Minor" website.

Minor Declaration

Select the "Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus - Approved Minor" on the Provosts website to access the online Minor Declaration Form.

Minor Modification

Request a modification to your minor using this form: https://provost.illinois.edu/files/2017/01/Minor-Modification-Form.pdf. Once the form is completed, email to records@business.illinois.edu.

Where can I find Campus-Approved Minors?

A list of undergraduate minors is included in the Academic Catalog.