As first-year students in Gies, here are a few registration resources you need to know:

1. Course Explorer (

  • Easy resource to explore course options for upcoming semesters
  • View section info & restrictions to ensure you are eligible to enroll in a course
  • Understand how courses fulfill Gen Ed requirements

2. Enterprise/Self-Service (

  • Use the Plan Ahead feature to create multiple course plans prior to registering
  • Register for classes
  • Hit an error or restriction? View the common errors and what they mean here.

3. Academic Deadlines & Calendar (

4. Need help picking a Gen Ed (General Education) course?

5. What if I want to change my schedule for fall?

  • At the end (11:59PM) of your assigned new student registration date, an advising hold will be placed on your student account which will prevent you from changing your schedule until the Friday before the fall semester begins
  • Over the summer, if you recieve a new AP (Advanced Placement) score which requires a schedule change for fall, please e-mail for assistance
  • Professional and peer advisors will be available once the semester begins to assist with schedule questions or registration issues. Location and time TBA.

6. What to expect for spring registration?

  • You will be required to attend a Spring Semester Planning Workshop in late October.
  • First-year students will register around December 7, 2020, although some who are James Scholars/Athletes/etc may register as early as November 30, 2020. The college office does not control when students can register and you learn more about time tickets for registration here.
  • View a sample schedule for spring of freshman year here

7. What if I need additional copies of the materials from the Spring Semester Planning Workshops?