Major Declaration

Use this form to declare a single major or double majors.  You may also utilize this form to change your major or degree plans.

Change of Major requests MUST be submitted for the current term no later than the 10th day of classes. Any change of majors after the 10th day will be changed for the following term up until the 10th day of classes.

Business Unassigned (undeclared) students may declare their first major at any time. Declared majors may change to another major within the Gies College of Business between the 10th day of class and the last business day prior to the start of advanced registration. Requests from declared majors received at other times will not be processed until the next change of major period. Once Business Unassigned students declare their major(s) their assigned Academic Advisor will change. Students will only be able to view of the appointment calendar of their major-specific Academic Advisor once declared. All Academic Advising Assignments are found in the "Schedule an Appointment".

Why does my Degree Audit (DARS) only show one major?

DARS will only display one major at a time. If you are pursuing two majors, you must run a second report for your declared major. When running the second major report be sure to select YOUR catalog year (the semester and year you began college). Also note, if you are pursuing a MINOR, the minor will ONLY display in your primary default major DARS near the bottom of the report.