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Students interested in Finance +DS or Accountancy +DS

The Degree Audit Report (DARS) provides the official requirements for all majors and minors. Select the correct catalog year, which is the year you started at UIUC. DARS reports for the +DS programs should be available in the fall 2022 semester

Finance Major Planning Forms should be ready by Summer 2022

While degree plans are intended to provide you with accurate information, the final responsibility for knowing and completing degree requirements is your responsibility. Course offerings and enrollment restrictions should be confirmed with your Degree Audit Report (DARS) and the Course Explorer.

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Hours Data Science Core
4 MATH 234 (spring only course), or MATH 220, or MATH 221: Calculus (MATH 234 recommended)
3 MATH 227 or MATH 257: Linear Algebra (MATH 227 recommended)
4 CS 107: Data Science Discovery
4 STAT 207: Data Science Exploration



CS 307: Modeling and Learning in Data Science 

CS 277: Algorithms and Data Structures for Data Science 

IS 467: Ethics and POlicy for Data Science 

IS 477: Data Management, Curation & Reporductibility
Hours Finance Core
3 FIN 300 - Financial Markets (Prerequisite: FIN 221)
3 FIN 321 – Advanced Corporate Finance (Prerequisite: FIN 300 Financial Markets)
3 FIN 411 – Investment & Portfolio Mngt (Prerequisite: FIN 300 Financial Markets)
12 Four additional full-semester, 3 hours 400 level-Finance courses except FIN 494 or 495 (Senior Research) and FIN 490 (Special Topics).
Hours Accountancy Core
3 ACCY 301: Accounting Measurement and Disclosure
3 ACCY 302: Decision Making for Accounting
3 ACCY 303: Accounting Institutions and Regulation



ACCY 304: Accounting Control Systems 

ACCY 312: Principles of Taxation 

ACCY 405: Assurance and Attestation 

ACCY 410 OR ACCY 451: Advanced Financial Reporting or Advanced Income Tax Problems

Advising Notes for all Finance students

  • Finance courses may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis. **Exception for COVID CR/NC exemptions**
  • It is recommended that Finance majors take additional Accounting courses. ACCY 201 and 202 are required in the Business Core. Many employers look favorably upon additional Accounting courses.
  • Finance GPA is calculated based on all attempts. For example, if a student receives an 'F' in a course and retakes the course, both grades will factor into the Finance GPA.

Advising Notes for all Accountancy students

  • Finance courses may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis.
  • Accountancy courses (both required and elective) to be applied toward the 124-hour requirement for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy may not be taken on a credit/no-credit basis. In addition, a limit of 33 hours of accountancy courses (including ACCY 201 and ACCY 202) may be counted toward the 124 total hour requirement.
  • Students admitted to the BS/MAS program during junior year will need to plan their 400 level accounting coursework around what option, Financial Reporting and Assurance (FRA) or Tax, they plan to pursue in the MAS program.
  • All Accountancy majors are required to take an advanced accounting elective (ACCY 410 or ACCY 451). Below are the suggested course combinations for each option in the MAS program.
  • Financial Reporting and Assurance (FRA) Option: ACCY 410 Advanced Financial Reporting (prerequisite to ACCY 510)
  • Tax Option: ACCY 451 Federal Income Tax Problems (prerequisite to ACCY 551).
  • Note: FIN 300 is required for students who wish to pursue the Finance Concentration within the MAS program or plan to take graduate level Finance courses.