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Bachelor of Science in Strategic Business Development & Entrepreneurship

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Strategic Business Development and Entrepreneurship Major Planning Forms

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SBD&E Planning form (Fall 2021 entry)

SBD&E Planning Form (Fall 2020)

The Strategic Business Development and Entrepreneurship major is newly available for students entering in fall 2019 and the major examines how business opportunities are identified and exploited for society through existing and new organizations. Students will learn to generate and evaluate ideas, develop those ideas into products and services, assemble resources, mitigate risks, and lead organizations that meet human needs. The degree prepares students to work within existing organizations as well as to create new organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit.
Requirements Credit Hours
Major Core Requirement
BADM 367 – Management of Innovation and New Technology (Fall only) 3
BADM 446 – Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation 4
FIN 423 – Financing Emerging Businesses (Prerequisite for SBDE Majors:  FIN 221; see BADM advisor for enrollement) 3
Major Electives (Select six; at least four must be Major Skill Building Electives)
Major Skill-Building Electives
BADM 311 – Leading Individuals and Teams (Prerequisite:  BADM 310)
BADM 312 -- Designing and Managing Orgs (Prerequisite: BADM 310)
BADM 314 – Leading Negotiations
BADM 322 – Marketing Research (Prerequisite:  BADM 320)
BADM 323 – Marketing Communications (Prerequisite:  BADM 320)
BADM 327 – Marketing to Business and Government (Prerequisite: BADM 320)
BADM 329 – New Product Development (Prerequisite: BADM 320)
BADM 350 – IT for Networked Organizations
BADM 351 – E-Business Management
BADM 359 – Problem Formulation and Solving in Business (Prerequisite: BADM 350)
BADM 375 – Business Process Management
BADM 377 – Project Management (Typically Fall only; possibly offered in spring - check Course Explorer)
BADM 447--Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship (Spring only)
Major Experiential Elective Choices
BADM 331 - Making Things (Spring only when offered)

BADM 332 - Sustainable Product Design & Marketing Plans I: Bottom-Up Immersion in Subsistence Marketplaces (Fall only; last offered Fall 2018)

BADM 333 -  Sustainable Product Design & Marketing Plans II: Bottom-Up Enterprise & Marketing Innovation (Spring only; last offered Spring 2019)

BADM 357 – Digital Making Seminar ( Spring only; Application required:  Apply by email to Vishal Sachdev at with resume and a 250-400 word statement of what kind of "making" skills you have, or what would you like to learn and why. Business students encouraged to apply, but all majors and all years welcome.)
BADM 420 – Advanced Marketing Management (Prerequisite: BADM 320)
BADM 445 – Small Business Consulting
Other experiential entrepreneurship or business/product development course with departmental approval