Gies College of Business Undergraduate Degree List

If you want to graduate, you have to notify the Gies College of Business. Students can apply to graduate from the time they register for their final semester of courses through the 10th day of classes of their final semester. Students who apply to graduate will only be notified by their Academic Advisor if they do not meet graduation requirements.

  1. Select the “graduation” option from the main menu of Self-Service
  2. Click Apply to Graduate; Follow instructions to complete application
  3. Update diploma address in Self-Service

If you do not do this by the 10th day of class of your final semester, you must complete the degree list application form below. Otherwise, your name will not be added to the pending degree list, and the date of your degree award and diploma will be delayed.

1. Click here to download and complete the Undergraduate Degree List Application form.

2. Email completed form to