Overload (more than 18 hours) Request Underload (less than 12 hours) Request

Overload/underload requests (fall, summer, spring) may be submitted at any time. All requests will be reviewed upon receipt, and you will receive an email notice of approval or denial of your request. All approved overloads will go into effect the Friday before classes start. You may add classes in excess of 18 hours at that time. Please review the Overload/Underload Policy for further details about obtaining approvals.

Business approves course loads of less than 12 hours in special circumstances, such as Seniors in their final semester who need fewer than 12 hours to graduate and students with a documented illness who are unable to carry a full load (medical documentation is required).

Students may take as many as 18 credit hours without special permission. Approval for programs of more than 18 hours (overload) must be obtained from the college using this form.